Sunday, April 12, 2009

Irwindale Rock Quarry

Dear Reader

Now that I am back in Los Angeles enjoying the warm California sunshine, I decided to discuss one of my favorite locations, Irwindale Rock Quarry. This is an interesting location to shoot at because it offers a unique background, that one could not find at anywhere else. For one, there are the San Gabriel Mountains to the north, secondly there are an array of locations and construction equipment all over the quarry.

A DP or a Photographer could dream up endless options for their shoot, a car chase, a sexy model dressed in an evening gown next to one of the mounds of rocks for an editorial. One of my favorite clients asked me one day last winter if I knew of any rock quarries near Los Angeles. The answer was easy because this location is literally ten minutes from my Azusa lot were we keep most of our motor homes and other production equipment. I had been at this
location before for a music video several years ago and I had some pictures on file, I e-mailed the pictures to my client, my client was blown away. We shot at this location for several days and we still had plenty of location possibilities. My client saved money because she did have to seek multiple locations, she found everything she needed at one location and most importantly her client loved the location. There was plenty of parking and easy access to the location.

I felt satisfied I was able to help my client, and my client knew she called the right person for both location ideas and motor homes. Again, I am not trying to toot my own horn, but, I want my current and future clients to know I am a good resource for their shoots. As I said before I
been to some unique locations, not only in California, but in other states like Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona and Idaho. If you need help with locations, please e-mail me, I probably been at your location or I have the resources to find the perfect location for you.

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