Monday, October 12, 2015

Venice Beach, California

Dear Reader,

Recently one of my favorite clients asked to scout Venice Beach, California for her upcoming photo shoot.  She sent me some PDF of what locations in Venice that she was looking for.  Since it was a nice Saturday sunny morning, I decided to leave early so that I wouldn't have problems finding parking.

Venice Beach is one of those locations that is very much LA.  People from across the nation and across the world come to Venice.  There is a boadwalk that peddlers sell everrything from t-shirts, to bikini, sovenier shopts, bike rentals, burgers and health food.  Muscle Beach is in the center of the action.  There are tennis courts, basket ball courts, weightlifting equipment and all sorts of work out equipment, some for free and some for a fee.  It is a place where your friends come to play and a place to show off your body.  The egoist run rampant in this jungle, even a certain governor of California found fame as a body builder at Venice Beach.

I regress, Venice is location that has so many options for a fashion shoot or any kind of shoot. There is the famous Venice Pier off of Washington Blvd, where you might see a fisherman pull up a fish or an old shoe.  Sailboats and other boats sail by in an endless parade of small craft enjoying the gentle Eastern Pacific Ocean. As you head north on Ocean Walk, there are numerous restaurants, as bikecyclist, skateboarders pass by.  There is always some sort of construction going on, which can be the perfect background for a shot.  Numerous lifeguard towers line the beach, just like in the TV series "Bay Watch".  "Bay Watch" was actually shot at Santa Monica Beach, just north of Venice Beach.  As you continue to head north on Ocean Walk, this is where the famous boardwalk starts, this is where you can find someone peddling almost anything that says "Venice Beach".  

You will need a film permit for any commercial photography, you can get the film permit from Film LA at 213.977.8600.  If you park any vehicle over 20 feet like a motor home, or a large cube truck call MPI Parking at 310.821.1081. There are several large lots, one is at the end of Washington Blvd, the second is at the end of Venice Blvd and the third is off of Rose Ave.  During the warmer months these lots can get full very quickly, so you might want to start your shoot early so that you can find a descent parking spot.  In the summer months, film permits are only issued during the week and not on weekends.  If you have any questions about Venice Beach or any questions about beaches in California call me Michael Green 818 317 7099.  I also rent motor homes and portable restrooms for photo shoots or any kind of shoot.