Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Glass House in Joshua Tree-California

Dear Reader,

The Glass House is a bacherlor pad, with walls made of glass and a reflecting pool.  This location stills blows my mind, it it what I envision the future to look like in the 21st Century.  It is surrounded by Joshua Trees and desert brush.  The glass house looks like a place that the fictional cartoon character George Jettson would vocation on, on some distant planet with his wife and kids.  

The morning sun reflects off of the Glass House, as the crew prepares for a long day.  I carefully park my motor home away from the location as to not cause an unncessary reflection.  Fortunately there is a nice parking area for at least two RVs with enough room to open the slide-outs.  The cater finds a place in the shade to set up catering.  The assistant camera persons maneuver their gear into the house from the 3 ton truck parked nearby.  The house is bustling with people trying to get ready for the photo shoot.  An hour later and the models are ready for the shot.

The Glass House  is one of my favorite locations because it is so cool and futuristic looking.  It is the perfect place for a fashion shoot, commercial or music video.  I could also envisioned a good science fiction movie using this location.  The GH is a natural fit for the topagraphy, there are so many places to shoot from to obtain an awesome shot and get that desert feel. 

The GH is located about thirty minutes from Palm Springs off of highway 62 in the town of Joshua Tree.  There is plenty of parking for small crews, larger crews can park down the road or shuttle from Joshua Tree many hotels.  In the town of Joshua Tree there is a Walmart nearby, restaurants and grocery stores.  I can provide more information about this location, lodging options, local caters, craft service people and other vital information.  Feel free to call me, Michael Green 818 317 7099.  If you need a motor home, portable restrooms for this location or other locations, I can assist you as well.