Monday, February 15, 2016

Who is the real Mike Green of "Mike Green RV's?"

Dear Readers,

Usually I write about cool locations, today I want to write about what the real Mike Green is all about.  First I like to think I am a nice guy, I love people and animals.  

The real Mike Green likes to travel, planes, trains and automobiles.  Fortunately I have a job that allows me to travel, travel locally and travel afar, mainly in the good ole USA.  Some jobs I might be in the middle of the Mojave Desert on a lonely dirt road, or at a Salt Flat in Amboy, in Atlanta, or Birmingham or Houston.  It might be hot as hell or cold and snowing.  I like to write about those locations, I like to help producers, coordinators find locations.  My motto is "why film at places everyone else has shot at, let's find something new, unique and cool."  Since I work in transportation I am going to make sure there is sufficient parking at set or near set.  I am going to provide my clients with the right directions, not the wrong directions.  I am going to help my clients find good hotels, not the Bates Motel.  I am going to help my clients find excellent caters, if that's not possible I'll bring my George Forman grill with me and I will do the catering myself (small crews).

I am celebrating my sixteenth year in transportation/locations this month (February).  I started my career working for a wonderful company in West Los Angeles, called 5th and Sunset.  It was a small boutique photo studio, at one time it was the place that some of the biggest photographers on the West Coast decided to do their photo shoots at.  Almost every U.S magazine shot there between the late 1990's and early 2000's.  I never drove a motor home prior to my arrival at 5th & Sunset, but I learned quickly and worked hard at being the best driver out there.  At that time I started documenting the locations, writing essential information like contacts, directions and whether my clients like a particular locale.  I also wrote down whether there were RV dump stations, truck stops, lodging, restaurants, grocery stores, Starbucks  nearby, anything that would be helpful.  Thus this became the genius behind my blog.  I write about locations, cool homes, ranches, national parks, dry lake beds, salt flats, lakes, places in California, places outside of California.  

Of course I always took a lot of pictures of the locations I have been to, taking detail notes and later writing about it in my blogs.  The purpose of my blogs is to inform, hopefully if a potential client had questions they could call me.  In some cases I have been hired to scout such locations, take additional pictures include sometimes compass cooridinates.  If my client needed a motor home, cube trucks, portable restrooms, tables, chairs, etc... I could help them. 

I hope you like my blogs, again if you have any questions please call me Michael Green at 818 317 7099