Friday, November 25, 2011

Death Valley-Bad Water, CA

Dear Reader,

Two years ago I worked on a photo shoot in Death Valley at Bad Water.  Death Valley is located about four hours east of Los Angeles off of Interstate 15 north of Baker.  The best time to visit Death Valley is from the late fall to early spring, temperatures during this time of year is very comfortable. The worst time to visit Death Valley is late Spring to early fall, the reason, extreme heat.  Death Valley is the hottest place in the United States, it is also the lowest point in the US. There are many places to shoot at in Death Valley, my favorite is Bad Water because one is surrounded by an oasis of emptiness, a dry lake depleted of H20, in a valley encircle by mountains.  Bad Water looks like you are on an alien planet, it is quiet, it is lonely, the perfect place to do your next project if you want something unique and different.

If you plan on shooting in Death Valley, Panamint Springs Resort (775.482.7680) is the closest lodging to Bad Water, it is also the only place that your cell phone will work.  If you have any questions about Bad Water for your next shoot, or if you need an RV call me Mike Green at 818.317.7099.