Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Salt Flats in 29 Palms, California

If anyone ask me what my two favorite locations are; it has to be Superior Salt Flats/Dale Dry Lakebed. The reason is both locations offer a very unique experience in terms of look and atmosphere, and are located on the same property.  Superior is a salt flat surrounded by open desert. With rusting heavy equipment almost appearing to melt in the 110 degrees summer heat. The salt pond mirrors the sky above.    The place is void of any life forms.  Clearly you are on another planet, so it seems.  Yet Superior is only thirty minutes from Twenty-nine Palms, the nearest town or two and a half hours from Los Angeles.  The salt flats has stared in many music videos, commercials, fashion shoots and movies.  It is a one of a kind location offering a variety of backgrounds from salt ponds, to a salt dune, silo and a pieces of equipment that are just there, buried in the ground like bones of an extinct dinosaurs.

Dale Dry Lakebed is on the same property just a little further down a dirt road.  Since it is not on BLM land you have more latitude in terms of doing stunts, explosions or any other thing your shoot might require as long as you follow certain safety guidelines.  When you film at Dale, it is like you are in the middle of no where, there are few roads that would hinder your shot.  It is quiet.  The sunsets are amazing, the sunrises are spectacular.

Superior & Dale is only thirty minutes from Twenty-nine  Palms.  There is a Stater Brothers grocery store, CVS Pharmacy, Bank of Americ ATM, Denny's, an ARCO that sells diesel.  In terms of lodging there is the 29 Palms Inn 760.367.3505.  The Best Western 760.367.9141 is also another option.  The Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites  760.456.7870 is really nice, though has limited parking for large vehicles.  There is a dump station at the TwentyNine Palms Resort 760.367.3320.  If you want to know more about this location or other locations call Thies at 760.343.8327 (Locations Unlimited) or Sylvia at 760.343.8327.  If you need a motor home, portable restrooms, or craft service, call Michael Green at 818.317.7099