Thursday, July 8, 2010

The best 1950's Service Station

Dear Reader

In my eleven years in the business, Clients have picked my brain for location ideas; the best 1950’s gas station that is in mint condition is the Flying A Service Station in Gladstone, Oregon. Gladstone is about forty minutes east of Portland; it looks more like Mayberry than a town in the twenty-first century. I was there last fall (2010) for a Mercedes shoot, we were shooting a new sports car with two very hot models, and the Producer wanted a very authentic 1950’s service station. The wonderful people at the Oregon Film Department (503-229-5832) were able to assist my Client find this location.

The Flying A is the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot, commercial or a period piece feature. This location has been used on countless shoots and the detail to the 1950’s is impeccable, including oilcans, fuel pumps and a host of other props beckons to that bygone era. Across the street are the Gladstone City Hall and the volunteer fire department, all as it did in the nineteen fifties.

Parking is easy, there is a lot just south of the station and plenty of street parking, the best time of year to shoot at the Flying A is summer if you want a shot with plenty of clean Oregon sunshine, if you want a more moody look, shoot in the late fall to spring.

For more location ideas please feel free to call me (818) 317 7099 and of course if you need a motor home I can help you with that as well.