Monday, March 2, 2009

Amboy, the best Salt Flats in Southern California

Dear Reader

I want to stay on the subject of the Palm Springs (“PS”) area; when one considers shooting in PS, and one needs locations beyond 50’s and 60’s style homes or estates, did you know such locations are available nearby? I had a producer who was considering shooting at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, last spring. I indicated to that producer that Amboy had a private salt flats where they could shoot, withoutthe public encroaching on their set. I also indicated that Amboy was only forty-five minutes from 29 Palms or less than two hours from PS. My client was elated, I just saved my producer a ton of money. Of course the Producer hired me for the shoot and I had a great time.

There use to be two salt flats near 29 Palms, the Superior Salt Flats and Amboy. Unfortunately Superior Salt Flats is not open for filming; however Amboy in my opinion is a more suitable location for filming. Amboy has easy access to the dry salt lake, plus there are some great locations around the lake for filming. This is a great year round locale, although be warned summer temperatures can exceed over a 110 degrees, so dress properly and bring plenty of water. The nearest town is 29 Palms, which is forty-five minutes from Amboy and 29 Palms is the perfect place to load up on supplies and gas. Amboy is not the place to run out of fuel, there are plans for a diner and a gas station opening in Amboy sometime in the future. I will keep my readers informed.

The 29 Palms Inn is a great place to relax after a hard day of shooting, the Inn is best described as an Oasis in the desert surrounded by palm trees. When I stay at the Inn, I feel I have traveled back in time to the early sixties; the d├ęcor has the look and furnishings from that era, simple, yet practical. If one opens the window, a cool breeze engulfs the room, the sound of coyotes yelping, one knows they are not in Kansas or Los Angeles for that matter. The restaurant should not be overlooked, the menu is a culinary delight, you are not going to eat cactus burgers or road kill, one is enchanted to feast on steak or salmon cooked to perfection. The restaurant has a great assortment of wines too. If you want some good Texas barbecue, my favorite place is the Rib Co also in 29 Palms, the barbecue is cooked outside on an open flame, the ribs melt off the bones and the menu will have something for everyone in your group. For breakfast I love eating at the Carousel located off Hwy 62 in 29 Palms, if you like pancakes, eggs, sausages and other artery clogging foods, this is the place.

The 29 Palms Inn offers catering, but be warned the hours are limited and they do not deliver to the set. I usually bring my George Forman grill and cook breakfast and lunch on site, whatever you decide to bring with you, make sure you have plenty of water and fuel.

My blog is going to focus on one specific location, if you have questions regarding locations in other parts of California, the Northwest or surrounding States, please feel free to e-mail me.