Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bombay Beach (Salton Sea-CA)

Dear Reader,

One place that is always in some form of transformation, both bad and good is the Salton Sea. In the years I have return to this Sea, an oasis the the parch Mojave desert in the Imperial Valley, just south/east of Palm Springs about an hour. Teaming with a wide variety of water foul, it is almost out of place in this harsh climate.

There are many places to shoot around the Salton Sea, the North Shore is one, Bombay Beach offers even more variety. Though like most of the Salton Sea area, it is always wise to scout in advance, because of vandals and construction Bombay is always changing. What one will find in Bombay are sinking buildings, graffiti, salt water that is percolating through the ground, an abandoned harbor, various structures in disrepair, a stunning view of the sea and a strange eerie quietness except for the occasional Union Pacific trains and birds overhead and on the water.

To get more information on shooting in Bombay Beach or the Salton Sea, call Mark Hilvaty at the Palm Springs Film Alliance 909 553 6881 or Sheri Davis at the Inland Film Commission 951 779 6700. If you need current pictures of the area and/or motor homes please call Mike Green at 818 317 7099.