Sunday, August 26, 2012

Red Rock Park in Colorado-A great place to film

It is 4:30 in the morning as the production trucks idle in the parking lot of our hotel the Denver Marriot West, the location managers car moves forward and we have a convoy about ten vehicles in all.  My motor home is in the rear, as usual, the lead car gets in the “zone” and I find myself on my own; fortunately I know where I am going.   (Red Rock was only twenty minutes from our hotel, it very easy to find, take I-70 west, exit 259, left at C-470 and drive about a mile and the entrance to the park is on the right.)  It was still dark when I arrived at the dirt parking lot, I found a flat place to park the RV, drop the jacks, opened the four slide-outs, I was opened for business. I had one of the PA’s drive me to the location which was about five minutes away next to the Amphitheater parking lot.  It is a process setting up for a shot, especially when you are trying to get the talent in the right position for the right light.  Red Rock Park with its steep canyon walls, amazing vistas and wild life, provided the perfect backdrop for the vehicles and the models we were filming.

Since we were so close to our hotel, we were able to break up the day so that we would get the perfect sunrise shot and the perfect sunset shot. Around ten we broke for the morning portion and returned to the hotel to get so much needed rest, I took a swim in the pool and then a nap around 3pm we returned to Red Rock Park. Our hotel was the Denver Marriot West (303 279 9100), located in Golden, Colorado.  The Marriot was clean, the rooms were spacious with high speed WiFi, coffee maker, hair dryers and more.  Even our high end clients were happy with the accommodations. Another bonus, there is a mall nearby that has a Whole Foods Market, Super Walmart, Safeway, Target and other stores within a couple of miles of the Marriot.  I found a dump station and fuel at the Flying J in Aurora, Colorado near Denver (303) 366 7600) about twenty east of the Marriot.

Red Rock Park is located about thirty minutes north east of Denver, it is one of my favorite new locations.  In many ways it reminds me of Vasquez Rocks, made of sand stone from the Quaternary periodRed Rock Park is made of red sandstone and was formed over 290 million years ago when the ancestral Rocky Mountains was eroded.  What makes this such a great location is the rock formation, it is such an amazing back drop, as much as I like Vasquez Rocks, Red Rock has many more options, and is four times larger than Vasquez, of course you will have to travel to Colorado to enjoy Red Rock Park.  With that indicated; Colorado now has a film incentive program available for eligible films, television, commercials and game productions for more information call the Colorado Office of Film Television & Media at 303 892 3840.  If you have any questions and you need a motor home call me Mike Green at 818 317 7099 I will be glad to assist you.