Monday, April 27, 2009

Vasquez Rocks Revisit

Dear Reader

Vasquez Rocks is a great place to shoot, though this location has been shot numerous times, it is worth noting, that this park is massive and as such offers innumerable possibilities. A short hike to the north you can get a spectacular sunrise shot like this. (Note: this picture was modified)

A few years ago I was hired, by a promising photographer to provide a high end motor home for a European Magazine fashion shoot. The Photographer wanted a desert shot, he had a blanket film permit for north/west Mojave (Palmdale, Little Rock), at the last second he decided to add Vasquez Rocks at my request. Since Vasquez Rocks is on the way to the Mojave Desert we stop at VR first. The photographer loved Vasquez, he rushed his photo assistants to ready the camera, the make-up and hair stylist hurried to get the two models ready for the shot, which included gladiator props, please don't ask me what they did with the props, I never saw
the final pictures, though I have always been curious about this fashion shoot.

Again, when my Clients ask for my imput before a shoot, I can assist them more efficiently. If they have location questions or ideas I can help them. If they are concern about parking the RV or other large vehicles I can go out to the location and check the locale, look for any obstructions and confirm the directions. Good large vehicle directions are essential, bad directions can cause logistical problems.

If you have any questions about this location or other locations mentioned in my blog and/or you need a motor home for your next shoot call me, Mike Green 818 317 7099.

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