Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The USS Iowa; is open to commercial filming

You walk up the gangplank, this is not just any ship; this is the USS Iowa, the ship that ended WW II.  (The peace treaty with the Japanese was signed on the Iowa). The USS Iowa has served in World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam and the Cold War. This is a battleship that can hurl a missile fifteen hundred miles; or send a shell the size of a car twenty-six miles.  It is an impressive battleship, a ship that was made to carry the biggest stick to our enemies and come back home to talk about it.   The Iowa is 887 feel long, 45,000 tons with a 108 feet beam.  She is sleek, she is fast, and she had a crew of 2,637, plus 151 officers, before she was decommissioned in 1990.  An interesting fact, the United States never lost a battleship at sea and the Iowa class is the longest serving battleship in the United States navy. 

The other day I decided to take a tour of the USS Iowa, docked at San Pedro, California.  Being a WWII enthusiast I figured this would be the perfect way to spend the day.  As blogger I quickly released this could be an awesome location to film at, there are a number of great places to use as a background.  The great thing is, very few photographers have used a battleship to photograph on.  To use a battleship like the Iowa, the possibilities are endless in terms of coming up with interesting shots.  There is the bow with two battery of 16 guns, which overlooks the entrance to the San Pedro Harbor.  If you look towards the stern, you have one battery of 16inch guns and mid ship you have the bridge.  On the port and starboard sides are 5inch guns, rails, and mired of very interesting places to shoot at.  As a filmmaker doing a chase scene on a battleship is very tempting, there are so many places a character can hide, the possibilities are endless what one could do on a battleship.

San Pedro is only an hour from Los Angeles, well within the zone, parking is plentiful, and the USS Iowa is open for commercial filming.  Just call 877-446-9261 for more information, ask for someone in the events department. 

I am always searching for interesting places to share with my readers. The USS Iowa is worth visiting because it represents such an important part of American history in the Twentieth Century.   It is hard not to become a little patriotic.    If you need a motor home or have any questions please call me Mike Green 818 317 7099.

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