Sunday, March 1, 2009

Palm Springs an Oasis in the desert; the perfect place for your next photo shoot, music video, commercial or feature film.

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One of the most over looked locations to do photo shoots, commercials, music videos or feature films is Palm Springs and the surrounding valleys. What makes Palm Springs a great location for shooting is the architecture of the homes, specifically the layout, one story homes surrounded by palm trees and mountains. The variety of distinct dwellings, some a throw back to the 50's and 60's when the Rat Pack roamed through Palm Springs with their a-listed colleagues. One cannot find a better destination to do their shoot, more hospital than Miami anytime of the year, with similar architecture, minus the 100 % humidity and bugs the size of rats.

As a motor home driver/owner who has been working in Hollywood, plus other locals from the Mexican border to the Canada for over nine years, Palm Springs is a City that deserves mentioning because PS is an underutilize locality. As a Producer, Agency, and Clients knows, the best location is a virgin location, a location that either has never seen a camera or is so singular that the possibility of such location allows photographic diversity and dynamics beyond the range of an ordinary overused locale. This logic I find to be impervious to the notion that anyone can find a good location, one needs an expert who knows the area and understands the entertainment industry, this is why I think Locations Unlimited (Sylvia and Thies) is the best resource for Palm Springs and the surrounding valleys.

My clients rely on me not only as a commercial motor home driver, but a person with resources that they can ascertain vital information regarding their shoot. Three years ago I had a client that was looking for s very specific location in the Salton Sea, an hour east of Palm Springs. My Client e-mailed me a basic map of the locations that they were interested in shooting at; she put me in touch with Sylvia (Locations Unlimited), I pick up a Thomas Guide at a truck stop in Indio to more accurately decipher the locations I would have to scout. In almost real time I was able to shoot the locations, download the locations to my Mac from my camera and upload the images to my Clients web page using my aircard. This is beyond the norm of a motor home driver, but I believe in diversity is the key to long sustainability in the entertainment industry.

I provide more than just motor homes for the "industry", I help my clients find locations and resources that will assist them with their shoots. Because of the remoteness of some of the locations I do catering and craft services. I like to be proactive than nonactive on my shoots, it makes my clients life easier and it makes my job more fulfilling.

My blog is going to focus on the entertainment industry in regards to my past and present jobs. I want to make my blog insightful and useful for producers and photographers and other such persons. I will provide information that can assist one in making a carefree and stress free shoot and provide location insights across the West and North West and surrounding states.

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